About Us

About Us

Headstones and Monuments New Zealand provide exceptional products and services for all your monumental needs. Custom work and those exceptional pieces are our specialty and we can deliver and install anywhere in New Zealand. We pride ourselves on quality headstones and plaques, and our excellent craftsmanship ensures that our monumental masonry will remain a longstanding memorial for your loved one.

Headstones and Monuments New Zealand is a division of InvoCare New Zealand Ltd. InvoCare New Zealand Ltd is the largest provider of funeral services within New Zealand, with a comprehensive network of more than 20 funeral firms and associated businesses. By joining together we are able to share professional development and industry knowledge, and set higher standards in the funeral profession nationwide.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements further.

Headstone & Monument Specialist

  • Yvonne Talyancich Yvonne Talyancich   I am privileged to have been involved in the funeral industry for fifteen years; firstly as an embalmer and funeral director, and now as a monumental advisor. I appreciate the opportunity that I get in my role, of talking to families and understanding their needs. I am passionate about helping families create a fitting and lasting memorial for their loved one.

    When I’m not talking with families, I enjoy the walking our lovely New Zealand trails and beaches, as well as socialising with friends.