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Choosing your Memorial

A memorial should be as personal as you would like it to be. Subject to cemetery by-laws we are able to design any shape or size that you wish.

It is important that you add your personal touches so that the memorial is special to you, your family and friends.

Personalised inscriptions, flower vases and emblems may be included and we have a wide range for you to choose from. Using modern technology and the skills within our teams, the wide and varied choice of photographs and artwork designs can depict the special interests on a person’s life.

Things to Consider when choosing your memorial

What type of Monument?
What type of monument do you need – a plaque or headstone… or something larger?

The profile
What style and shape would you like – would you like something we already have in stock or would you like one custom designed?

What size would you like your monument to be – this may be dependent on the restrictions the cemetery or crematorium may have in place and what wording you would like on the monument.

There is a wide range of colours available in granite and we can show you samples in our showrooms.

There are many different options available for inscriptions and this can be entirely personalised if there is something special you would like to say. The wording can be a single inscription or if you would prefer a companion inscription.

Artwork & photos
Again this can be personalised to have particular imagery on the monument such as a special photo or design of a rose. We have a wide range to choose form and you can see examples of completed work in our showrooms.