Additional Options

Additional Options

There are many other environmentally friendly options that can be utilised when planning an eco funeral – we have some listed below, however these are only limited by your imagination.


It is inevitable that a funeral procession, often involving numerous cars travelling from the chapel to the cemetery or crematorium, will leave a carbon footprint. All our vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure they are running at optimum fuel efficiency.

If you do want to use your own vehicle to transport the casket, make sure it is large enough to fit the casket safely and that it can be secured well.


Instead of using flowers from a florist, cut garden flowers should be the natural preference. If you do use purchased flowers, ask for the bouquet to be tied with a natural fabric ribbon and not be wrapped in plastic. Funeral wreaths and sprays should not include polystyrene foam and also use a minimum of wire.

Service Sheets

We provide orders of service for most funerals. Environmentally friendly options include these being printed on recycled, unbleached or similar paper. We are able to provide you with samples of these. Just ask your funeral director when organising the funeral.


Avoid using clothes that use non-biodegradable material, buttons or zips. Using a silk or cotton shroud is the best option if possible as this will break down in the soil better.


If placing mementoes in the casket with your loved one, make sure that these are bio-degradable. Items such as letters and candles are a good alternative.


Using fresh, unprocessed food such as fruit platters and vegetable dips are a good environmentally friendly option.